Why set up provisioning?
The goal is to improve the HR - IT flow so when adding a user to the HR directory, bob will provision it in your IDP (Okta or Azure AD). 

When is the user created on the IDP?
Based on the configuration, bob can create the user:

  1. Once the user's profile has been created in bob
  2. On the user’s start date

Want to stay on top of employee updates?
Bob can also keep the employee’s IDP record in sync with certain updates you make to the employee’s profile in bob. The synchronisation of the changes will be based on the mapping of certain fields when a user is created.

Please ensure the field names in bob and the IDP match so the information can be mapped correctly.

How to set up provisioning
Send us a message through our in-app chat and a member of our customer success team will be able to help you with the set up. All we’ll need is your API key to the IDP with permission to create and update users. 

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