Use this for your first ever import or to add a bunch of new employees at one time. Find it in your People tab, under Import.

Tip: use our pre-formatted template

Get started:

  1. Populate your provided template (or download one from bob). Tip: there are some points for using it on the 'How To' page of the spreadsheet.
  2. Now you have your data on the template you can upload it to bob. Click 'Import Payroll' and follow the prompts. Tip: make sure you select the correct sheet for the data you want to import.
  3. Note that you must have the employees email address for this to work!
  4. Once you've uploaded your sheet, bob will automatically flag any anomalies and values which need might need too be manually sorted.
  5. Click import and you're done!

What happens if I have errors?

If your import doesn't match with bob, you'll get a bunch of errors. The easiest way to fix these is to download the error report from bob. This will give you a spreadsheet in the correct format for re-upload, with one line for each error.

In the last column of the data, you will find the error reason. Once you have corrected your data, you can use this same spreadsheet to upload the new information.

Importing Calendar and Working Patterns

If you have employees that work different patterns to the site they are assigned to, you can give override it by:

  • Bulk import - see the template linked above
  • Editing the employment record or adding a new row if it is an employment change - see below

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