Welcome to your organization! You will undergo an onboarding process to be welcomed to the company and prepare for your first day. Fill in personal details, upload documents, and get to know your teammates.

How to complete the onboarding flow


You will be invited to join your company’s Bob platform via your personal email address. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

  1. Click Accept invitation to begin the onboarding process.
    The onboarding flow will open.Screen_Shot_2022-09-29_at_12.54.47.png
  2. Click Start your onboarding.

Step 1: Welcome Message


A welcome message will appear and may contain an image or video for you to watch.

  1. Read the message, and view the image or video if there is one.
  2. Click Get started.

Step 2: Employee detailsScreen_Shot_2022-09-29_at_18.15.37.png

  1. Upload a profile picture to personalize your employee profile.
    This photo will be visible to other people in your organization.

    Note: Once you have access to Bob, you will also be able to add a profile video and name pronunciation. To learn more, see Add your profile picture and video.

  2. Fill in the details and mandatory fields. Mandatory fields must be completed to continue the onboarding flow.
    The details you enter will be visible to people in your organization, depending on your company’s permission settings.

    Note: Some displayed categories and fields will be editable to you only during the onboarding process. Once onboarded, your ability to edit the details may be limited, so fill in as many details as possible while going through the onboarding flow.

  3. Click Next.

Step 3: DocsScreen_Shot_2022-09-29_at_12.56.37.png

This step is for those required to review, sign, and upload docs within the onboarding flow.

  1. Click Review & sign and Upload to take action on or upload documents where relevant. If the step is mandatory, you must complete the required actions to continue the onboarding flow. The Submit button will be disabled until mandatory document requests are fulfilled.

    Note: Depending on your organization’s settings, if you delete an uploaded file, the system may disable you from continuing the flow again until you’ve fulfilled the requests again.

  2. View your employee docs folders if you have access to them in this step.
  3. Click Submit.

Step 4: IntroductionsScreen_Shot_2022-09-29_at_12.57.33.png

In this section, you will be introduced to colleagues and key people within the company.

  1. View your colleagues and key people your organization thinks you should become familiar with.
  2. Click Go to Bob or close the window.
    Your details are automatically saved to your profile each step of the way. Click Accept invitation in the email again to add or update your details before you have access to Bob.


Why didn’t I receive the email invitation to join Bob?
If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder.

Why can’t I continue to the next step?
Check to ensure you have completed all mandatory steps before clicking Next or Submit. You may have missed mandatory employee details, read approvals, signatures, or uploads on required documents. Enter and complete the mandatory fields and requests to continue.