Change-tracking reports give you targeted insights into what’s changed in your organization.

You can create a Change-tracking report containing any of the employee fields available in general reports.


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When creating a Change-tracking report, you can:

  • Select specific fields to be tracked and highlighted if the data has changed during the specified period.
  • Add a Previous column to easily compare the new data to the old data.

If you need to view changes in employee job titles and departments over the last 12 months, you can:

  • Generate a Change-tracking report which highlights those changes while also including other columns such as Name, Salary and Site.
  • Add Previous columns so it's easy to compare any changed values to the previous value.

As shown in the above screenshot, when you view the report, any job titles and departments that have changed will be highlighted yellow with the previous value next to them. Name, Salary and Site changes will not be highlighted.

How to create a Change-tracking report 

  1. From the left menu select Analytics > Reports.
  2. On the Reports page, click + Add new > Report > Start from scratch > Change-tracking report.

    The Select fields to track popup appears.
  3. From the Trackable fields dropdown, search for the fields to include in the report that will be highlighted if they include changes.
  4. To add a field to the report, check the box next to its title and click Apply.mceclip1.png
  5. When you have selected all the trackable fields click Next to move to the Column picker.

    The trackable fields you already selected will appear in the right side and cannot be removed.
  6. Add any other non-trackable fields to your report by searching for them in the left column and clicking on them.
  7. Click Generate to create the report.

    The report will be displayed, with any tracked fields highlighted yellow if they contain  data that has changed during the period selected in the Date range.
  8. To save the report, click Save as and either save it in an existing folder or create a new folder in Company reports or My reports.