Safely test, explore, and optimize your HR processes with Sandbox.

Admins of growing companies make daily changes from task lists and automation flow to compensation changes. To try something new and prevent mistakes in your account, use Sandbox to preserve a clean production environment by testing changes in the isolated environment.

FYI: This capability is available only for accounts that have purchased Sandbox. To learn more, see HiBob's HRIS features.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Use a replica of your production environment and conduct testing in your isolated Sandbox without disrupting your production environment.
  • Safeguard employee data integrity by testing changes before a full rollout of updated processes.
  • There’s no coding required. Access the Sandbox environment and test changes with similar functionality to your regular production environment.
  • You choose when to refresh the data. For example, before launching a compensation cycle or a new site.

How to use Sandbox

Use case examples of when to use Sandbox

Example: Evaluate employee compensation

Problem: You want to evaluate your people’s salary at the beginning of the year with a compensation event including multiple planners, co-planners, and various components to assess.

Solution: Create and test a compensation event in Sandbox to determine who will be included based on specific conditions and how your salary budget will be used on applicable employees. You can also test who will be involved in the planning process and their worksheet participation before the event. When you’re ready to implement the compensation event, create the compensation event in your production environment.

Example: Streamline employee data updates

Problem: You want to save time and ensure accurate data while enabling your people to add or update their information, such as addresses, contact information, and banking details. With self-service flows, you need to customize the settings and set permissions to manage employee details changes.

Solution: Create and test your self-service flow for address changes or banking details in your Sandbox environment. Prevent sensitive data changes without approval settings, and experiment with configuring permissions for employees to change their details before enabling a self-service flow in your production environment.

Example: Integrate a new tool

Problem: You want to integrate Google Calendar with Bob to have a native calendar integration with calendar event tasks and 1-on-1s and test it before fully integrating it with your account.

Solution: Test the integration from Google’s Sandbox to your account’s Sandbox. Test the event tasks and 1-on-1 invites automations in your isolated playground before fully integrating them into your account.

Also, use Sandbox to test:

  • A new time off policy for your various sites to ensure they meet legal concerns before assigning it to your employees. Proactively test how to request time off and the approvals needed to prevent compliance breaches.
  • Changes in roles and permissions to ensure your people have the appropriate authorization to perform tasks and see employee data.
  • The system capabilities while onboarding new HR members, so they can familiarize themselves with how the system works before being granted Admin permissions in the production environment.
  • A change in task lists with multiple types of tasks, dependencies, and task assignees before you connect it to automation flows.

    Note: All emails in the application will have the suffix .sbx added to them so that emails aren't sent to people from Sandbox, now including external and personal email addresses. The external and personal email addresses will be reflected only after the next refresh, or up to 60 days from the last refresh, in the event you don't refresh between the time you last refreshed/activated Sandbox on or after November 28th, 2022.


How does the Sandbox environment differ from the production environment?
You cannot copy integrations or scheduled reports from your production environment to the Sandbox environment. Your production environment’s color personalization will not be included and will appear gray instead to differentiate between the two environments. Emails in Sandbox end in .sbx to help distinguish between the two environments.

What integrations are supported with Sandbox?
You can test integrations in Sandbox to the integrations’ respective Sandboxes. It is recommended you involve your IT professionals in testing integrations within the Sandbox. Connecting a Sandbox to a live production environment can have significant consequences, from transferring incorrect data to invalidating an integration. Only test integrations in Sandbox to the integrations’ respective Sandboxes. The steps for testing an integration are the same as the regular integration steps, just performed in the Sandbox environment.

Category Supported
Payroll Contact your customer success manager to request opening a specific payroll integration in your Sandbox account. Should be available without contacting your customer success manager: