How to set up a workforce planning event

  1. From the left menu, select Planning > Workforce planning events.
  2. Click + New event

Step 1: Event details

  1. Enter the Event name and Event purpose (optional).

    Tip: Include a brief Event purpose to keep yourself, and other Workforce planning participants up-to-date.

  2. From the dropdown menu in Event Approval Flow, click on the participants who will give the final approval for the event. The approval flow usually begins with HR and Finance and ends with the CEO’s approval. 
  3. Click +Add approver to add approvers. 
  4. Click Next.

Step 2: Planners & positions

In this step, you’ll be able to select planners along with their Baseline positions, add co-planners to help planners along the way, adjust the review structure to your needs, and remove positions or move them across planners.

  1. To choose planners, click Select
  2. Click + Add condition, and select conditions from the dropdown menus eg., Lifecycle status, Equals, and Employed. You can select By Field or By Group if you have set up groups. Tip: Filter by Is a manager
  3. From the dropdown menu, add specific employees.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. You’ll be notified of any Floating positions. Click Review to see who they are.
    To include in the event, assign the positions to a planner’s baseline.

    Note: In some instances, positions can’t be filled due to the nature of the position itself, eg., CEO. In other instances, the positions may appear as floating due to lacking permissions or positions that have been incorrectly assigned to participants. It's also possible that some positions appear as floating due to not having been assigned to future managers.

  6. To assign Floating positions, mark the checkbox next to the position, click Actions, and then click Assign to planner. Search or scroll to find the New planner, and click on their name to assign. 
  7. Choose how you’d like the planners’ worksheets to be Approved by marking By another planner or Directly by the event approver(s).
  8. To add more planners, click Add planners, then Select planners and click Apply, then add the New reviewer and click Save
  9. Mark the checkbox next to the planner to Edit reviewers, Edit co-planners, or Remove planner.

    Note: Make sure all the details are correct as, after you click Save, you won’t be able to edit the name of the event or change approvers. You’ll still be able to Add and Remove planners. You will also be able to reassign positions between existing planners. 

  10. Click Save.
    You’ll now have a view of Worksheets and Positions and be in Pre-launch.
  11. If you’re, pleased with all your planners, co-planners, and participants, click Launch event. All planners, co-planners, and reviewers will be invited. 
  12. Once the event is launched, it will still be possible to add co-planners, however, it won’t be possible to remove existing planners.