The job catalog is your job management center, complete with job names, statuses, sites, and more in a single location.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Import jobs all at once when you’re getting started, then create single jobs as you go.
  • Make scalable decisions with bulk actions or make single actions for specific jobs. You can change multiple jobs' statuses at once or individually as needed.

Before you begin

  • Map your organization’s jobs with job descriptions, functions, and levels to get to know the state of your talent. To learn more, see Map and import job data.
  • Import your existing job catalog via the import template. To learn more, see Map and import job data.

How to add jobs to the job catalog

  1. From the left menu, select People > Job catalog.
  2. After your initial job catalog import, click + Add job to create new jobs. If you’re setting up your job catalog without an import, click Create job.
  3. Enter a unique Job name.
  4. Select the Job function and Job levels from the dropdown menus, then click Apply.

    Tip: It is recommended to select a unique job function for each job you create.

  5. Enter a Job description specific to the job you are adding, including expected responsibilities and skills.
  6. Fill in the other employee fields related to the job attributes you added. To learn more, see Create job attributes.
  7. Click Add.

How to manage jobs in the catalog

  1. Select a job or multiple jobs, then from the Actions dropdown menu, select:
    • Change status > Draft.
      Draft jobs are not assigned to employees yet and can only be assigned once marked as Active.
    • Change status > Active.
      This activates a job that can be assigned to an employee.
    • Change status > Inactive.
      This deactivates a job from being assigned to an employee but is still available to be changed to active and assigned to an employee in the future. Employees currently assigned to the job will remain assigned.
    • Delete.
      Jobs without assigned employees can be deleted from the catalog.
    • Edit.

      Note: If the positions you are trying to change are assigned to people or connected to positions, you may only be able to perform partial actions.

  2. Click Filters to select specific statuses, functions, and levels to view in the catalog.
  3. Click Switch to advanced filters to select conditions to narrow the catalog view, then click Apply.
  4. Use the column picker to select specific fields to appear in the catalog table.
  5. Click the three-dot menu above the catalog table, then select:
    • Upload jobs > Upload jobs.
    • Upload jobs > Assign jobs to employees.
    • Download templates > Download Jobs template.
    • Download templates > Download Assign jobs to employees template.
    • Export benchmarking data.

      FYI: This is only available to customers with compensation benchmarking powered by Mercer. To learn more, see Download compensation benchmarking data.