Create the attributes that will appear in each job in the job catalog.

Get the most out of Bob

  • The default attributes include Job name, function, level, and description. You can edit the descriptions for each of these default attributes.
  • Create custom attributes that help complete the job details, such as a text, date, number, currency, or employee reference field.

How to create custom job attributes

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Job attributes.
  2. Click + Add attribute, then select Custom job attribute.
  3. Enter an Attribute name.
  4. Select the Field type from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter an Attribute description (optional).
  6. Mark the checkbox Make attribute mandatory if you’d like to require the attribute to be filled out when creating a new job in the catalog.
  7. Click Add.

How to edit the job level and job function

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Job attributes.
  2. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the Job level or Job function, then click Edit.
  3. Edit the name of the attribute (optional).

    Note: You can change the name, description, and hierarchy list items but cannot change the field type.

  4. Click Manage to edit the hierarchy list items.
  5. Click the + icon to add new list items, press Tab to convert them to sub-items, and press Enter to create the item.
    Example: Job level structure

    job_level_example.pngLevels include individual contributor (IC), Manager (Mng), and Executive (Exec). Within each level are sub-items, such as Junior, Mid-level, and Senior within ICs.

    Example: Job function structure

    job_function_example.pngFunctions include People & Culture, Information Systems, Product, and Sales. These are the departments within your organization. Within the functions are sub-items, such as Employee Experience within People & Culture, where a unique job function is Learning & Development Manager.

  6. For the job function, click Generate job hierarchy.
    • From your spreadsheet, copy the job functions.
    • Paste them into the Generate job functions text box separated by a backslash \ for each job function and a row for each job.
    • Click Ok.
      The hierarchy list will autogenerate.

      Tip: Ensure the names of similar hierarchy list items are the exact same spelling so that departments and functions are not repeated.

  7. Click Save, then click Save again.


How do I edit or delete a job attribute?
From the left menu, select Settings > Job attributes. To edit an attribute, click the three-dot menu to the right of the attribute. Select Edit, make your changes, then click Save.
To delete an attribute, select Delete, type DELETE in the text area, then click Delete.
You cannot delete the Job name or Job level as these are the default, mandatory fields needed to create a job.

Why can’t I edit a job level or function?
If you cannot edit the hierarchy list item of a job level or function, it is because the job level or function item is connected to an employee. Delete the job linked to the employee, edit the job level or function item, then assign the job back to the employee.