A Flow, short for workflow, is an automated sequence of steps that allow you to streamline a process; they ensure that every step on your “to do” list gets completed and that everyone involved in the process is notified and aligned.

How to set up Flows

Gone are the days of manually executing every single stage of a workflow; now you can easily set up tasks, ask for approval, request documents to be signed and notify all players involved - all within a single flow. There are five different types of workflows in Bob, each with their own unique templates. Learn how to:

Flows are Customizable

Every part of a Flow is customizable and can be created per team or site; Flows can be assigned to whomever you’d like, with hand-picked approvers (or no approvers at all) so you have total control over who needs to sign off on any flow.

Create as many flows as you'd like and let the automated workflow process begin!