Provide your anonymous input on company matters related to satisfaction, engagement, work-life balance, or anything else your company wants to measure in company surveys.

Answer surveys with confidence, knowing that your identity will be kept anonymous.

Get the most out of Bob

Privacy is important to us, so rest assured that your answers will be kept anonymous.

  • When someone from your company creates a survey, surveys are sent to employees while preserving their anonymity. This guarantees that you will be kept anonymous and free to answer truthfully, and the organization will collect complete, unbiased, empirically validated results.
  • Results will only highlight the ratings, totals, and percentages but will not show who answered.
  • Bob has a mechanism for protecting the identity of participants. When the survey owner, and the people the results are shared with, view the results, they can only view the employee fields that will not expose the identity of the participants.

How to complete a company survey


When you are invited to complete a survey, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the survey.

  1. Click Answer anonymously in the email invitation.
    A new tab will open with the survey.
  2. Click Start to begin.
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Mark the checkbox Show only skipped to jump to questions you missed.
  5. If you’d like to continue the survey another time, click Submit later to save it as a draft.
    Your survey will be saved, and you can click Back to form to return to the survey or click the link in your email again to access the survey.
  6. Click Submit in the top right corner or at the bottom of the survey when you’re ready to submit your survey. Your survey results are anonymous.
    You can close the survey tab when you’re complete.

How your answers are kept anonymous

Your name and employee identifiers, such as your employee ID or email address, are inaccessible when viewing survey results.

Depending on the minimum number of responses required and how the survey owner groups employee fields, like Site, Gender, or Department, these fields will be marked as Other in the Group by option and the downloaded results if it could expose your identity.

Example: How survey owners view the survey results


Survey owners, those who the owner shared the results with, and those given permission to view the survey results, will be able to view the participation rate, strengths and weaknesses, the questions and answers with ratings and the responses, and any correlations between questions, but cannot view the names of the participants.

When the results are downloaded, any group by fields selected by the survey owner that could expose the identity, in this case, Site because there are so few participants, will be marked as Other.

Your survey results are kept anonymous, and your identity cannot be revealed in the results.