Back up your people’s and company docs for auditing and safe-keeping if you remove documents and need to reupload them.

You have the option to manually back up documents or automate backups. To learn more about how to use API to automate routine backup of People’s docs, see Download employee’s docs on the Bob Develop Hub.

How to download people’s docs

  1. From the left menu, select People > Directory.
  2. Mark the checkbox to select all people in the table.

    Tip: Ensure your filters include all Sites and all Lifecycle statuses to have all people and their documents.

  3. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Documents > Download employees’ documents.
  4. Select which folder(s) to download from the employee folders dropdown menu, then click Apply.
  5. Select how you'd like to organize your folder(s) download:
    • By site: Each site folder is further organized into Active and Inactive > employee's folders titled with their full name > employee folder names, such as Shared Docs.
    • By folder: The downloaded file names will include the employees' full names to differentiate between files with the same name but belonging to different employees.
  6. Click Download.
    An email will be sent to you with a link to the requested backup docs.
  7. From the email you received, click Download to download the .zip file containing the backup files.

How to download company docs

  1. From the left menu, select Docs > Company docs.
  2. Click the download icon in the Folders menu to the left.
    An email will be sent to you with your backup docs.
  3. From the email you received, click Download to access the zip file.
    The zip file contains a single folder titled All_docs_backup with the download date and time, including each company doc folder. Within the folders are the documents.

How to reimport documents

If you need to reimport documents no longer hosted in Bob, you can reimport documents and folders you previously downloaded and backed up.