Learn how to complete your tasks from the convenience of your mobile.


You have a bunch of time sensitive tasks waiting to be completed, and you're on the go, what can you do? Not to worry; You can access My tasks on your phone. With My tasks, you can take action quickly and mark those tasks as complete, in no time.

Note: If changes are not reflected on your mobile app, please update to the latest version.

How to use My tasks

  1. From the menu, select My tasks. You'll be redirected to the My tasks area.

    Note: The tasks listed in My tasks are for general tasks only, as opposed to other types of tasks such as feedback, email, calendar, or eSign.

  2. Click on the row of any task to see details, including due date, description and an activity log.

    Note: If you expand the task view, you can see a summary of all the actions taken related to the particular task. To learn more see Manage tasks.

  3. Click the check at the top right to mark complete.
  4. You have the option to use filters for your tasks. Click Incomplete to filter via status. A dropdown of all your tasks will appear along with the due date, requester’s name and current status.
  5. Click Anytime to filter by time frame; This filters by Due date.
    • Select by day, week, month, or even add your own custom date; simply click the button next to your desired time.
    • When finished, click Apply.
  6. Click Task list to filter via task lists. A dropdown of all your tasks will appear.
    • Click the row of your desired task list to see details. 
  7. Click Requested for to filter by the requester. A dropdown will appear containing a list of everyone who has requested tasks from you.
    • To search for specific people, scroll or type any name, department, or site.
    • When finished, click Apply.


Congratulations, you know how to complete your tasks from the convenience of your mobile!