Okta Provisioning integration - via API

Using Okta provisioning via API allows you to implement auto-sync capabilities to improve the HR-IT flow. 

This ensures the automation of the following actions in Bob:

  • Account created for new employees
  • Employee joined (start date)
  • Employee update to mapped fields
  • Employee left - updated upon termination

Note: You have two options when implementing your Okta provisioning: use either Okta API or Okta SCIM. See the Okta SCIM integration help center article for more details on Scim integration. We recommend consulting with your organization’s IT staff on what may best suit your organizational needs.

Integration Details


How it works

Integration type

One-way via API

Direction of data flow

Bob to Okta

Sync frequency


Default field mapping

Note: After connecting the integration you can customize the data mapping in the Provisioning settings. To learn more, see Map data for integration provisioning.

Default Fields

Bob Field

Okta Field



Employee Card


Report to



Basic Info





Primary Email


Display name

Display name


First name

First name


Last name

Last name


Work info

Job title



Work mobile

Mobile phone


Work phone

Primary phone




Before you begin

To configure the Okta provisioning integration, you'll need the following information:

Note: To gain access to the required APIs, the Okta API token must be generated by a Super Administrator or Organization Administrator.

How to set up Okta API provisioning in Bob

Once you have your Okta API token and domain you can start configuring the integration in Bob.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Provisioning.
  3. In the Okta tile, click Connect.
  4. In the Okta screen, under Let’s integrate, click Connect.
  5. Select Using API.The Connect with Okta API popup appears.
  6. In the Token field, enter your API token. 
  7. In the Okta Domain field, enter your Okta domain (tenant).
  8. Click Apply.

How to choose your activation mode

The Bob - Okta integration synchronizes employee changes in Bob to the Okta user directory by default when the user joins.

It is possible to change this default action and define syncing on the start date.

For full details, see Provisioning integration settings.


When is the user created in Okta?

Based on your configuration, Bob can create a user once the user's profile has been created in Bob.

Will employee updates be synced?

Bob can also keep the employee’s Okta record in sync with certain updates you make to the employee’s profile in Bob. The Bob-Okta integration supports dynamic field mapping, meaning that any Bob employee field can be mapped to any Okta user field including custom fields. Send us your preferred field mappings, or stick with the default.