You can access the help center for robust step-by-step how-to articles that help you utilize Bob, how-to videos to guide you through various processes, troubleshooting videos to help you understand any issues, and product tour or overview videos for a visual introduction to features and their benefits.

How to use the home page


The help center home page puts the most valuable resources at your fingertips with:

  • An instant search bar that will show the most relevant articles matching your search as you type.
  • Popular topics for easy access.
  • Frequently asked questions.

Quick links at the bottom of the page direct you to the most frequently accessed resources, including:

Get specific information related to your role


Information is organized according to your persona as a Bob Admin, Manager, or Employee.

  1. Select your role from below the Search bar.
  2. Select the topics to view related articles.
  3. Select an article to learn about functions related to your role in Bob.

    Tip: Look for notes, tips, and FYIs for crucial information to get the most out of Bob.

  4. Click the tabs and dropdowns to view feature-specific examples and use cases related to the feature you are reading about.

Get in-app help on your desktop computer


  1. Click the help icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Select How to use this page to read a how-to or FAQ about the functions of the page you are viewing.
  3. Select Watch an instructional video for a video related to the functions of the page you are viewing.

    Note: If this is not an option on the page you are viewing, there currently isn’t an available video. Stay tuned–we are constantly adding new video tutorials to our Quick tutorials article.

  4. If you still need help, select Submit a request to Bob support to submit a ticket to customer support. Add specific details, your goal, and supporting screenshots related to your request to enhance the quality and response time. For example, if you have a request related to Time off in Settings, include the policy name, the people it applies to, and the goal you’d like to accomplish, such as changing the time off allowance to unlimited.

    Tip: Track your open ticket to see the progress on your support request. Click your profile icon, then select Help Center. Click your profile icon in the help center, then select My activities. You can view open and closed tickets and responses for reference at any time.

  5. Select See what’s new in Bob to learn about new features organized by product area.