Getting started with Overall Performance rating

Learn about the most complete and holistic way to evaluate employee performance.

It’s that time again, time to assess an employee’s performance. What factors actually contribute to performance? Should people be rated on their achievements, level of improvement, goal attainment, team collaboration…or perhaps it should be a combination of some or all of the above? And who is doing the rating? A direct manager, head of the department, colleagues, or even… you? The answer is simple; it is completely up to you.

With Overall Performance rating, you can calculate an employee’s performance score by taking the average of one or more scaled questions from their performance review. In addition, results from multiple reviewers can be averaged into the final score; resulting in a very holistic, multifaceted assessment of the reviewee.

How to set up Overall Performance rating

Learn how to set up and manage overall performance rating and even use it as a guideline to compensate employees.


Are the identities of the reviewers hidden when the reviewee see the Overall Performance rating?
Admins/managers have the option of keeping reviewer identities confidential. If the average score consists of a combination of reviewers, the reviewee will only see the identities of each reviewer and the score they provided based on privacy settings.

Once the overall performance score is calculated, is the reviewee notified?
Admins/managers have the option to share the scores with reviewees and notify the reviewee of the final score or to keep all scores confidential and for internal use only.