How is the number of employees calculated for billing?

For billing purposes, employees marked as Active incur a charge. Employees marked as Inactive are not charged in billing.

Active Inactive
The Active status is based on the Lifecycle status field in the employee profile managed by the Admin user. These are employees marked as Employed, in addition to Leave, Parental Leave, or any other Leave status you have set up in leave flows if the Admin user has specified that the employee(s) be made Active during their leave period.

To learn how to change lifecycle statutes, see Rehire a terminated employee, Place and return an employee from leave, and Revoke access or terminate an employee.

Note: Only Lifecycle status is relevant for counting employees. Access to Bob, marked as Invited or Uninvited, is irrelevant to the employee count for billing.

When is the number of employees counted for billing purposes?

The number of employees is calculated at the end of the billing day relevant to the start of the subscription period on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Any changes to Lifecycle statuses will be reflected in the number of employees at midnight local time. Lifecycle statuses are automatically changed from Hired to Employed and Employed to Terminated at midnight local time of the employee site.

  • The subscription period is: 11/Apr/2022-10/Apr/2023
  • The first monthly invoice period is: 11/Apr/2022-10/May/2022
  • The Active employees count is done at midnight the day the billing period starts, i.e., 11/Apr/2022 midnight UTC, which is 12/Apr/2022 00:00:00 UTC (beginning of the next day).

This process is triggered every day at midnight UTC. The actual run time might be a few minutes after as a result of the server process time.

To learn more about billing, see the FAQ Can you address my billing questions?