The event calendar is a homepage widget that shows all the company events and holidays in the coming week.

You can choose to filter the calendar to show only events and holidays at specific sites.


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When planning your week it is always useful to know if there are any bank holidays when entire sites will be off work for full or half days or if you have a company day off coming up. 

The company event calendar allows you to easily check what's going on on your site or around the company in the upcoming week. 

What is shown in the event calendar?


The calendar displays:

    • The event name, e.g. "Office party".
    • Whether the event is on a full day or a half day.
    • The location of the site the event is taking place, e.g. London, UK.
    • The date of the event - listed as mm/dd unless it is "today" or tomorrow".
    • A calendar icon:
      • Working days are shown in white.
      • Non-working days are shown in gray.
      • If the event contains a description and/or an image, a red dot will be displayed in the calendar icon and full details will be shown when you hover your mouse over it.

Note: The calendar is based on the country events calendars provided by, although your HR admin can customize it by adding, removing, or editing events. You can see future events in the company time off calendar.

How to filter the event calendar by site

Note: When a new site is created, you can see its events on the homepage even before an employee is connected to it. While you can filter by site, it is seen on a much larger visual scale from the homepage.

      1. Open the home page.
      2. Scroll down till you see the Events this week widget.
      3. Hover over the globe icon to see which sites are currently included in the calendar.
      4. Click the arrow to open the site filter dropdown.
      5. Select the Sites radio button and click the arrow.
      6. Check the boxes next to the sites you want to include in the calendar.
      7. Click apply.


Can you view company events across all sites?
Yes. To view upcoming events across the entire company select All company from the filter.

What period does the calendar cover?
Currently, the event calendar shows events that will occur during the upcoming seven days. 

Does the calendar show all bank/public holidays in each country?
Yes. By default, all public holidays are shown in the calendar. However, the calendar is managed by your HR Admin and the events within it can be edited and customized.