Managers and Admins can search and access employees’ previous reviews and view a timeline of employee reviews in the context of work and payroll events. Managers can search and view direct reports by default.

How to view an employee’s timeline and reviews

The timeline visually represents an employee’s work history from the first day. Events are bundled by months if the range exceeds one year.  In such a case, one circle can include more than one event. Timeline displays review dates as well as work and payroll change dates:

  • Start date
  • Title
  • Manager
  • Site
  • Department
  • Employment contract
  • Reports to manager change
  • Salary base
  • Variable pay
  • Reviews with recent review titles and responses
  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > People’s reviews.

    Note: You can also view timelines from an employee's profile. However, only those with permission to view the review feedback will see the reviews on the timeline.

  2. From the dropdown menu in the Timeline section, select the employee to review their timeline.
    The most recent review is displayed along with timeline events.

    Note: A manager’s review response is displayed unless there’s more than one review, in which case the review title will be displayed. The review's name will appear instead of the response with no answer.

  3. Click an event or review to see details about the event.
  4. Click a performance review response or the review name to see the review.
    The review will load below.

    Tip: Select the review you’d like to view from the dropdown menu in the Review section.

  5. Select the three-dot menu to print the review, share, share again, or unshare with the reviewee.

Note: Some options are only available depending on the performance cycle configurations. To learn more, see Create a new performance review cycle.