HiBob is an official partner of Visma Nmbrs, a leading HR and payroll software supplier for the Dutch market.

Customers are able to generate reports in Bob that contain the specific data required by Nmbrs and then manually import it directly into Nmbrs.


Get the most out of Bob

The Nmbrs reports can be generated in Bob using one of the following options:

The added benefit of using Payroll Hub rather than Scheduled reports is that you can map fields, so it will automatically generate the specific data required by Nmbrs. 

E.g.  For marital status fields: if the Bob report uses “Married,” “Single” and “Divorced” but the Nmbrs Excel uses “1,” “2,” and “3” this can be mapped and automated in Payroll Hub.

If Scheduled reports are used, after downloading the report you will need to use the Find and Replace functionality to find the data in Bob and replace it with the data required in the Nmbrs sheet.

Before you begin

  1. Download the Nmbrs Import Excel Sheet. This is the specific sheet that must be populated with the data generated in Bob and then uploaded to Nmbrs.
  2. Go over the Excel sheet and confirm which tabs you will be using and which columns in each tab. 

How to generate a report in Bob and import it into Nmbrs


Note: You will need to generate a separate report for each tab in the Nmbrs Excel sheet.

  1. Set up the report in either Payroll Hub or Scheduled reports.
  2. Order the columns in Bob in the same order as the Nmbrs Import Sheet.
  3. Export the report from Bob to your computer.
  4. Open the exported (.csv or .xlsx) file in a spreadsheet.
  5. Open the Nmbrs Import sheet.
  6. Copy the data rows from the downloaded report into the corresponding columns in the Nmbrs Import sheet
  7. Save the Nmbrs Import sheet
  8. Use the Nmbrs Import wizard to import the Nmbrs Import sheet.

FYI: For additional support see the Nmbrs Import Help Page on the Nmbrs website.