Each of the dashboard widgets is fully configurable in the Widget settings, where you can choose which data is included in the chart and how it is displayed.

Note: By default, every widget is configured to show the data by Months and is not grouped by any attribute.


How to configure a dashboard widget

  1. Click the three-dot menu at the top right of the widget 
  2. Select Widget settings.
    The widget chart opens as a popup, with the Widget settings on the right.
  3. The Data to look at field is read only. Click the i info tooltip to view an explanation of the data displayed in the widget. 
  4. In the X Axis dropdown, select either:
    • Time intervals - the data will be displayed in Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly intervals.
    • Another attribute - the data will be displayed according to attribute.
      This data will be static - i.e. not displayed over time.
  5. In the Group by an attribute dropdown, select another attribute. This adds another dimension to the data. 

    Note: If an attribute is selected in the X Axis dropdown, it will not appear in the Group by an attribute dropdown and vice versa.

  6. If attributes are selected in both the X Axis and Group by an attribute dropdowns, the Swap order option will be displayed.

  7. To change the chart type, select an alternative from the chart type section.
    The following charts are available: Column, Bar, Area, Line, Donut.

    Note: Some charts are not available with certain widgets. 

  8. To add more data to the chart toggle on any of the Additional data options.

  9. Click Reset to reset the chart to the last saved configuration.

  10. Click Save to save your configurations.