eSign Request tasks allow you to automate tasks for filling out forms and documents, as well as requesting signatures.

Admins and Managers can streamline salary update documentation, filling out forms before going on leave, and relevant signatures for policies that legal and finance teams require. Further automate these tasks by connecting them to a flow when internal changes are made, such as a promotion.

How to set up an eSign Request task

Note: Before you begin, you must first set up a task list and set up an eSign template.

  1. Write a task name.
  2. In the dropdown menus, select the eSign template you would like to send and the folder it will be saved to once signed and completed.
  3. Select whether the automation task will be triggered Based on event or Based on dependency.
  4. If you select Based on event, enter the number of Days for task triggering and whether the task will be triggered before, after, or on the selected date upon triggering.
    The trigger will be on the selected anchor date or the selected option when the task list is triggered manually via the People’s Directory, the employee’s profile, or via a flow.
  5. If you select Based on dependency, select the desired task from the task list dropdown menu that will trigger the task.
    • The task list must contain other tasks.
    • A dependent task is sent out once the eSign request is sent out.
  6. Enable Set conditions if you would like the task to only be triggered in certain circumstances, then select the conditions from the dropdown menus. Repeat and add as many conditions as you’d like by clicking + Add condition.
    • To edit a condition, click on the relevant dropdown and select the desired value and click Apply.
    • To remove a condition, hover over it and click the trash icon that appears to the right of the condition.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Done.

Tip: You can use Analytics > Reports to track progress via the eSign status report, or use Docs > Requests to view pending eSign requests. To learn more, see Create a report.


Which permissions do I need in order to set up an eSign task?
Task lists can be scheduled manually or automatically. When scheduling the task list manually, the user who schedules it should have permission to trigger an eSign request for the employees in the request. When a task list is scheduled automatically (for example, trigger automatically when the Work effective date is updated), the user selected as Send on behalf in the task list details needs permission to trigger an eSign request.
The admin will need to select Settings > Roles & Permissions. The Admin will need to manage an existing permissions group you belong to or create a permissions group that includes you. From the Manage permissions section, select the Other employees tab. Select Docs > eSign templates. Enable Request eSign for employee. In the same tab, select Docs. Select the employee folder(s) to grant permissions to. Enable View and Upload selected employees’ docs in the folder.

Can an eSign Request task be sent to a new hire?
An eSign Request task can only be sent to active employees, after they have joined the company. To send an eSign request to a new hire, add it as part of the New Hire flow. To learn more see Add a new hire.