When it comes to being a modern HR leader (and modern HR platform), there are three things to try and keep in mind: make things functional, stay flexible, and have fun. In this month’s Bob updates, we hope to do all three. Read on for overall performance ratings, more compensation functionality, improvements to using Google calendar with Bob, new additions to Reports, and much more.


Get the Performance big picture

View your people holistically with overall performance ratings. Get the full picture of employee performance from multiple viewpoints by using an average result of scaled questions of your choice. Hungry for more? Read the blog post here.
Want to include the overall performance ratings in compensation reviews? You bet you can.


Make compensation magic

Speaking of compensation management, we also added the following capabilities to the setup wizard:

  • Create clearer, more flexible guidelines for planners by choosing between giving a maximum guideline, a minimum and a maximum range, or a min-mid-max range.
  • Import a spreadsheet with the currency exchange rates you’re using. Perfect for managing a comp review across many global sites!
  • Make a cash award payout (like bonuses) reflect a person’s, department’s, and company’s performance, or however you wish to set up the split. Make sure to have your payroll category table set up first.


Reporting for business

We created the new “My Reports” area in Reports to enable users to create and manage their private reports. This is great for people who might not want to have their reports available to all report users in the company, like a finance person checking on particular salary information.

Plus, check out the new reports template design, now better organized for ease of use and with a search bar to save time looking for the best template for your needs.

Make IT happen

Want to give your IT people more permissions to flex their technical muscles? Now they can activate, update, and deactivate numerous integrations, such as Provisioning, SSO, Time Tracking & Scheduling, and Collaboration. Go into your roles and permissions and make it happen.

Get your GCal task sync on

If you’ve got your Google calendar synced with Bob, you will love this task list feature update. Set up the Google calendar integration via Bob and, from now on, people will be able to edit the calendar invites sent their way right from Google Calendar. Calendar event tasks and 1-on-1 meeting tasks sent out from Bob can be adjusted and rescheduled directly from Google Calendar.

Master your tasks

Get more visibility about each task via the Task Activity Log, available in the “Details” panel on the Manage tasks page. You’ll find key information, like when and by whom a task was triggered or rescheduled. In addition, each action taken will be registered as an activity, such as canceling or reassigning a task.

Goals on the go

Have you (or your people) made some progress on a goal and want to log it on the go? You’re in luck! Goals are now available in the mobile app.

Your Voice, your way

We added a special category type to the Your Voice feature called “Other”. Now anonymous users can select a general category for cases that don’t fit in the assigned categories. They can also choose from any representative. This can be activated when setting up Your Voice for the first time and can also be disabled.

Loggin’ logins

With our system logins report, you can now view all logins to Bob and the type of login the users used.


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