Employee Feedback tasks allow you to automate feedback collection at all the right times, with triggers based on timing of employee lifecycle events using feedback forms that had been created.

How to set up an employee feedback task


Note: Before you begin, you must first set up a task list.

  1. In the From dropdown menu, select the message sender.
  2. In the Feedback form dropdown menu, select the survey you would like sent.
  3. Select whether the automation task will be triggered on Based on event or Based on dependency.
  4. Selecting Based on event will base the trigger either on the selected anchor date or the selected option when the task list is triggered manually via the People’s Directory, the employee’s profile, or via a flow.
  5. Selecting Based on dependency will base the trigger on another task from the task list. Select the desired task from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select whether the task will be triggered before, after, or on using the dropdown menu and enter the number of Days for task completion after the selected trigger date.
  7. To further configure the particular task based on conditions, enable Set conditions.
  8. To set a condition, select the desired values in each of the dropdown menus from left to right. Repeat and add as many conditions as you’d like by clicking on the + Add condition button.
  9. To edit a condition, click on the relevant dropdown and select the desired value and click Apply, then click Apply.
  10. To remove a condition, hover over it and click the trash icon that appears to the right of the condition, then click Apply.
  11. Click Save.