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Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, are you wondering where your product updates is? Wonder no more! Your quarterly update is here and highlights new cross-functionality between product areas, even more flexibility, and additional ways for you to go global while acting local. 

Spring into modern HR



Automation blooms

You know what adds a spring to our step? Making HR processes in Bob as efficient and agile for your organizational needs as possible. This quarter, we increased functionality and flexibility in eSign, Task Lists, and Flows in the following ways:

  • Set a strict due date on time-sensitive tasks by using the new “Enforce” option when setting up general tasks in Task Lists to ensure that the difference between the anchor event and task’s due date is maintained even if the task is triggered earlier than usual.
  • Control when tasks are sent out after completing a flow. When someone triggers a flow, they will select which task list will launch post-approval and when. Then, the tasks will be sent out according to the settings. Don’t want to set a task list when working on a flow? You got that option, too.
  • Triggering an eSign document request? You can select the destination folder it will save to at the end of the signature flow, making Bob folder management easy and scalable. The ability to set the destination folder appears when setting up and using the new hire flow as well as whenever someone requests an eSign document. While you’re at it, check who in your org can view and manage doc requests in the Roles & Permissions area. 


Flourish with 1-on-1s

This quarter, we also introduced 1-on-1s to enable managers to have meaningful conversations with their direct and indirect reports. And because we love making Bob the best HR tool for you, 1-on-1s can be automated via Task Lists for key employee events. Of course, managers can proactively create 1-on-1s using the pre-built company templates (which HR admins can create and edit) or by creating their own. Once both sides are invited, the organizer and invitee can collaborate by adding comments, talking points, and notes. Want to review previous 1-on-1s or check on upcoming ones? Use the My 1-on-1s page where all 1-on-1s are kept.



Developments COMPletely worth sharing

We also comp-letely invested in our compensation and equity management areas. Here are the highlights:

  • Compensation management users? Leverage the compensation field in Bob’s eSign builder to create compensation letter templates and send them once the event is approved. 
  • Get planners and co-planners to pay attention to important pieces of information like noting someone’s high performance using worksheet notes. Event admins may add and edit notes in the new worksheet notes column,  and co-planners may be granted permissions to do this, too. 
  • Equity management in Bob is simpler than ever to use on an individual and organizational level with an enhanced equity table in the employee profile, easy set-up and management of vesting schedule plans, and the equity vesting and equity summary reports to keep you and your stakeholders informed.


Easy, breezy, beautiful Time Off

We had so many Time Off features this quarter, so we chose our personal faves that help you go global and act local:

  • Prorate your way: choose whether to prorate time allowance for part-timers by people’s percentage of FTE or by number of workdays per week. 
  • Choose whether to display the option to upload a document when requesting time off right from the time off policy wizard.
  • Enable the ability for managers to grant special time off when their people work overtime for bank PTO/vacation purposes. 
  • Decide whether the accrual given (like, for vacation) occurs at the beginning or end of the cycle.
  • Let your people make time off requests that are full days, part of the day, or fractions of an hour (like 2 hours and 15 minutes).

All of these features make complying with different regions’ time off regulations feel like a walk in the park on a spring day.


Let’s give a big Bob “howdy” to the partners who joined us this quarter: 

  • Go remote with Deel’s innovative global compliance and payroll solutions.
  • Get busy learning with 360Learning, a dynamic L&D platform to drive culture and growth.  
  • Do your due diligence with Zinc, an automated reference and background checking toolkit. 
  • Hire the cream of the crop with slick, UK-focused applicant tracking and talent systems, Pinpoint and Stryve.
  • Boost your employee experience and engagement with conversational tool, Back


We also released the following features in the last couple of weeks in March:

  • TriNet users, you can now include multiple company IDs from your TriNet account when using and syncing with Bob’s Payroll Hub.
  • Bob admins can now grant IT people permissions to set up and update collaboration integrations such as Slack and MS Teams.