On the manage worksheets page, you will see your worksheet(s), with some high-level information that will help you stay on top of the status and progress through the event.

FYI: Access to this feature is managed by your company’s Bob Admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to the Bob Admin.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Get full visibility of the progress worksheet(s) you are collaborating on at a glance 
  • From employee data to people’s input, you will have a single source of truth to confidently plan, propose, and review compensation changes
  • Nudge planners to prompt them to complete their work and get the compensation changes approved in a timely manner

How the compensation event and worksheet approval flow works

The compensation events admin(s) create the event using Bob’s compensation event setup wizard. Using the wizard, the admins consider what types of compensation to include, who is eligible and what kind of eligibility rules and guidelines exist, and more.


The event and worksheet statuses help you understand at any given time:

  • Who has already submitted their worksheet
  • Who is currently working on their worksheet
  • Who is the next person to get the worksheet
  • How many reviewers still need to review the worksheet before it reaches the approver

Note: Each planner submits their worksheet individually

After all of the planners submitted their worksheets and have reached the last review, all of the worksheets’ statuses will indicate Pending approval. At this point, admins can view them, ask questions, send them back, etc. Once all is approved, the Event Approver will mark them as so, bringing the compensation event to an end.

Key roles in a compensation event 

Learn about the different types of roles per each worksheet, each with different capabilities as per the event’s settings.

Role type Role description and capabilities
Event admin(s) Composed of one or more people in the HR department who set up and manage the event, and then update people’s compensation following the event’s completion.
Planner The main people working on the worksheet. They are the first to directly evaluate and propose compensation changes for the participants in their worksheet, typically their direct or indirect reports.
Co-planner People who will work alongside a planner during the compensation event, e.g. HRBP. By default, all co-planners can view and comment on planners’ work, and may collaborate with them according to any additional permissions granted in this step.
Reviewer Next in line in the worksheet approval flow and are automatically part of the planning tree. Their role is to review and eventually submit the worksheet to the next person in the approval flow. As part of the review process, they can propose new compensation changes as well as make edits and comments on existing proposals. Reviewers can also send the worksheet back to the previous planner in the approval flow.
Event approver The last person to approve the worksheet.

Worksheet statuses

A quick look at the manage page and the approval flow will help you understand which reviewer is working on the worksheet now.

In progress Under review Pending approval Approved
The worksheet is open for the Planner to review and recommend compensation changes for their team.