Manage your worksheets on the My Org page. Each worksheet includes high-level information to keep you up-to-date regarding the event status and progress, throughout. You'll be able to see who's submitted, still working, who's up next to review, and how many Reviewers still need to review a worksheet before it reaches the approver.

FYI: Access is managed by your company’s Admin. If you don't have access and believe that you should, reach out to your company Admin.

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Get full progress visibility on the worksheet(s) on which you're a collaborator.

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Key roles in a compensation event 

Each role has different capabilities as per an event’s settings.

Role type Role description and capabilities
Event Admin(s) One or more people in the HR department who set up and manage the event and then, after the event, update peoples' compensation in employee profiles.
Planner(s) Main people working on the worksheet who are the first to directly assess and propose compensation changes for participants, typically their direct or indirect reports.
Co-planner(s) People who work alongside a planner during the compensation event, e.g., HRBP. By default, all co-planners can view and comment on planners’ work, and may collaborate with them according to any additional permissions granted. 
Reviewer(s) Next in line in the worksheet approval flow. Their role is to review and eventually submit the worksheet to the next person in the approval flow. As part of the review process, they can propose new compensation changes and make edits and comments on existing proposals. Reviewers can also send the worksheet back to the previous planner.
Event approver The last person to approve the worksheet, and the entire event as a whole. There can be only one Event approver. 


Worksheet statuses

On the My Org page, see the statuses to identify which reviewer is currently working on the worksheet: 

  • Ready For Planning: The worksheet is in draft, and is not visible to collaborators. It is visible to the Admin only. 
  • In progress: The worksheet has been shared and is open to a Planner and Co-planner(s) to review and recommend compensation changes for their participants. 

    Note: Once there's even a single In progress worksheet, this means that the event has been launched. This means that you won't be able to go back to the setup.  

  • Under review: The worksheet has been submitted by a Planner and is now being reviewed by one of the Reviewers that are next in the approval flow. 

    Note: In this stage, the Planner can only view the worksheet, and cannot edit it. 

  • Pending approval: The worksheet has been submitted by the last reviewer in the approval flow, and is now being reviewed by the Event approver.
  • Approved: The worksheet has been approved by the Event approver. Planners should receive a formal notification, and communicate the decisions to their participants. 

Note: Each planner submits their worksheet individually. An Admin can submit for all.