Learn how to set up, edit and manage vesting schedules.


Get the most out of Bob

Most companies have various vesting schedules with some schedules based on the time an employee's tenure at a company, others on seniority level, and so on. With vesting schedules:

  • Save time as they are quick to set up and can be easily duplicated to create similar schedules.
  • Rely on automation as once a vesting schedule is created, and applied to a specific grant, the vesting calculations that occur over time are automated.

How to set up a vesting schedule

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Equity.
    You'll be directed to the Equity page
  2. Choose + New Vesting Schedule

    Note: If a vesting schedule has never been created, the Equity page will be empty. If you are adding an additional vesting schedule, you'll see all existing vesting schedules.

  3. In the Details, enter:
    • Name: The name of the vesting schedule e.g., 4 yrs, 1 year cliff, monthly vesting.
      This name will appear as part of the vesting schedule list in the equity table, on employee profiles.
    • Description: A short description that can be as simple as a title, e.g., Vesting schedule for C - level, post Funding Round.
    • Term (months): The period of time in which the entire vesting happens, counted by months, e.g., for 4 years input is 48 months.
    • Frequency (months): How often the vesting takes place, e.g., 3 months.
      Once the term and frequency have been determined, a table will appear that represents a simulation of your vesting schedule.

      Note: Bob automatically does the math in the table for you, meaning all fields are configured for future vesting events.

  4. In the Schedule Settings section, enter:
    • Set Cliff: Enable the cliff id required.
      The cliff determines when the first portion of your equity vests e.g., if options will only begin to vest after one year, then select 12 months. After the cliff, the equity grant will gradually vest based on the frequency chosen., e.g, every 3 months.
      To learn more, click on the infotip–the i icon.
    • Cliff (months): Enter the number of months required before the cliff sets in.
      This is the time from the vesting commencement date in which the first tranche will vest.


    • Tranche#: The preset number of portions that make up your entire equity e.g., if there are 12 tranche numbers, the options will vest in 12 portions.
    • Interval (months): The frequency at which the options or other equity type vest, e.g., every 1 or 3 month(s).
    • Time from commencement date: The amount of time that has passed from the start date of the vesting schedule and all proceeding intervals
    • % Vested: The percentage of options that are vested in this tranche out of the entire grant quantity
    • Total % vested - cumulative: The cumulative percentage of options in the tranches that have already been vested. The last entry will equal 100% as it represents the culmination of the grant. 

      A table will appear with your pre-calculated vesting schedule details based on the values you input.

      Note: The table presented to you is the default table that was created based on your entries. If you leave the table as is, the grant will begin to vest in accordance with the time you set, e.g., every 3 months for 4 years, from the applicable commencement date.


  5. Click Done.

How to edit a vesting schedule

  1. If you'd like to edit the new vesting schedule before you exit this page, choose:
    • Edit schedule: To go back and edit the details of your vesting schedule.
      This is only available if the schedule was not already assigned and activated for an employee. If it was already assigned to one or multiple employees, this option will be greyed out. From the top menu, click Actions and select one of the options from the dropdown menu.

      Note: If you'd like to edit a vesting schedule after assigning it to an employee, delete the unwanted vesting schedule from the employee’s profile. Once deleted you'll be able to add a new or different vesting schedule.

    • Delete schedule: This option will completely delete the specific vesting schedule you created.
    • Deactivate schedule: This option enables the vesting schedule to remain active for those grants or people already assigned to it, but will not be available as an option, or appear on the drop down list, when you assign new vesting schedules for future grants.
    • Duplicate schedule: This option recreates the same vesting schedule. This is useful if you would like a similar vesting schedule created but with minor changes.
  2. Click Done.