Learn how to set up, manage and review equity.


At its core, equity is simply ownership of a piece of a company. This ownership comes in many different forms e.g., stock options, RSUs or shares. While the company’s board of directors approves equity grants, the operational management of equity is headed by you; the amazing HR team. This makes your role very exciting, as you are responsible for granting “pieces of the company” to new hires, current employees or even as promotions for outstanding individuals; and you can do it all in Bob. 

Get the most out of Bob

The current process of managing equity grants can be a complex and tedious one, that’s why Bob streamlined the process, making it easy (and dare we say, enjoyable) to manage it all in one place!  Soon you’ll be able to set up vesting schedules, assign equity grants to employees and when you're done, company stakeholders will have a clear and easy way to view vesting status of equity grants in their Equity reports.

Setting up and managing employee equity involves 3 steps:

  1. Set up a Vesting schedule: Create and edit vesting schedules.
  2. Setting up equity tables: Add data to employee equity tables manually or via bulk import.
  3. Review Equity vesting and summary reports: View a summary of current equity reports and vesting reports, as well as peek into the future of equity.