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Onboard new employees Introduction to Bob for admins
Initial account set up Set up a time off policy
Bob + Xero (Au) Assign a time off policy
Import documents in bulk Overall Performance rating
Import profile pictures in bulk Getting started with 1-on-1s
Set up employee fields Trigger a Task list
Set up a Leave flow Manage permission groups
Create a custom permission group Set up an Employee update flow
Set up a Self service flow Set up permissions for a Self service flow
Payroll Hub: Troubleshooting and avoiding mistakes Set up a compensation event
Getting started with Compensation  Import people data
Update people data  Import table data 
Manage company surveys  Getting Started with Flows


Set up a 1-on-1 meeting Product Tour: Goals in Bob
Set up a task list Bank overtime to time off
Schedule a task list Set up a general task


Request time off Submit a case using Your voice
Intro to Bob for employees Use My attendance
Add your profile picture and video Log into Bob