Easily check your past and upcoming 1-on-1s using the My 1-on-1s page. Once a meeting is organized, you can view details of the 1-on-1 meeting. 

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Access all of your past and upcoming 1-on-1s in one spot, filter by date, status, and people, and track progress over time by reviewing previous meetings and marking them as complete or incomplete.

How to review a specific 1-on-1 meeting

Organizers and invitees can review a past or upcoming 1-on-1 meeting’s agenda, notes, etc. from the main My 1-on-1s page.

Note: Invitees can only view meetings that they were invited to.

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > 1-on-1s > My 1-on-1s. 
  2. Click on the meeting tile or meeting row that you wish to review.

You can take actions within a 1-on-1 meeting page before, during, or after the meeting occurs. To learn more, see Manage a 1-on-1 meeting.

How to filter 1-on-1s by date, status, and invitee

By default, both 1-on-1s that are marked as complete and those that haven't yet been marked as such will be displayed. Marking as complete is an action done by the 1-on-1 organizer, and is useful for personal and tracking.

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > 1-on-1s > My 1-on-1s. 
  2. Click on the Date range dropdown to choose between one of the following options: Date range, Preset, or Cycle.
  3. If Date range was selected, select a Start date and End date.
  4. If Preset was selected, select one of the options presented.
  5. If Cycle was selected, select the cycle’s Start and End times.
  6. Click Apply once done.
  7. From the Status dropdown menu, select the 1-on-1 status you wish to see in the table, then click Apply once done.
  8. From the Invitee dropdown menu, mark the checkbox(es) next to the meetings with the invitee(s) you wish to see, then click Apply once done.

Note: Organizers will also see any incomplete 1-on-1s that labeled as a draft when they have yet to  send an invitation to the invitee