Setting a scheduled report integration with 360 Learning

This integration will allow you to connect with 360 Learning and provision new users to the 360 learning platform.

Before you begin

Contact the 360 Learning team to obtain credentials for the SFTP destination.

How to create a custom report in Bob

First, configure a new SFTP in Bob with the credentials provided by 360 learning.

  1. Add a new report in Bob with the following fields:
    • Email
    • Employee ID (or an a custom field that will contain the user ID)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Job Title
    • Lifecycle Status
  2. Changing the report fields to match 360 Learning. After you have created the report in Bob, click Settings to edit the fields names. 360-1.png
  3. Change the fields names according to the following:

    Field name in bob

    Field Name in 360 Learning



    Employee ID


    First name


    Last name


    Job Title




  4. Scheduling the report. Once you are done configuring the report, make sure to configure the report schedule for it to be sent automatically to 360 learning.