Bank employee overtime as time off

When employees put in those extra hours or days they can be rewarded for their overtime.

Often this extra time investment is rewarded as paid overtime, but alternatively it can be banked as extra holiday hours or days.

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The option to bank overtime as time off gives managers the flexibility to decide how to reward employees for their extra effort. 

Note: The amount of banked overtime must be added manually, and is not calculated automatically based on the employees attendance entries.

How to set up time off policies to allow banked overtime

For managers to be able to bank overtime for employees, the option has to be enabled in the time off policy settings. 

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Time off.
  2. In the Allowance section in Bank Overtime to Time Off, toggle on Bank overtime as Time Off. 
  3. Once toggled on, you can limit the time when users can use their banked overtime or select no expiration date.

How to bank employee overtime as Time off 

  1. From the left menu, select Time > People’s time off > Policy balances.
  2. Click on an employee’s row to open their time off page.
  3. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Bank overtime.
  4. Select a Policy from the dropdown. This is the policy where the overtime will be deposited e.g., Holiday.
  5. Select an Effective Date.
  6. In the Days field, fill in the number of Banked overtime days.Click Apply.

How to review banked overtime: policies and reports

To check that an employee’s banked overtime days/hours have transferred effectively, or simply to review details, you can either visit that policy or open a report.

To review banked overtime via a policy:

  1. From the left menu, select Time > People’s time off > Policy balances.
  2. Select a Policy.
  3. Click Balance Activity. This will direct you to the Policy page, e.g., Holiday
  4. Under the Admin Adjustments tab, you will see a summary of all updates made to Banked overtime.

To review banked overtime via a Report:

  1. From the left menu, select Analytics > Reports.
  2. In the Folders section, select the Time off folder. A list of Time off reports is displayed.
  3. Click Overtime banking report.
    You will be presented with a summary of each employee's banked overtime days/hours, which includes all dates, policies, amounts of overtime deposits and comments. 


What permissions give you access to Bank overtime action?

By default all managers and admins have access to the Bank overtime action. This can be turned off for specific employee groups in the Roles and permissions section. From the left menu select Settings > Roles and permissions. Select a permissions group and in the Manage permissions section, select the Other employee's tab > Time off > Balance and uncheck Bank overtime on behalf of their employees.