Now that you have successfully integrated Bob with Xero AU, it’s time to map out your Time off policies and sync them between the two systems.


Within a few simple steps, you will be able to see all approved Time off requests that were created in Bob within a pay cycle, reflected right back in Xero Australia. 

Xero AU is arranged per tenant

Time off in Xero AU is arranged per tenant (organization). This is very useful because if a company has multiple tenants, each with its own unique Time off policies, they can be synced and managed individually. To map Bob with a company tenant in Xero AU, follow these step-by-step instructions to sync leave requests between both systems:

Before you begin:

  • Make sure your Time off policies are set up in Bob; For instructions, see Getting started with Time off.
  • Compare data to ensure that the cycle frequency and dates in Bob are an exact match to the cycle in Xero, otherwise the time off data will fail to sync. To double check, simply visit your calendar  in Xero and match the cycle dates and frequency to the ones defined in Bob.

How to Sync Time Off in Bob with Xero AU

Syncing Bob to Xero Australia is a very straightforward process. 

Step 1: Map time off configuration in Bob Pay Cycles

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Pay cycles:
  2. Select the desired Pay cycle e.g. XERO AUSTRALIA or set up a new pay cycle. See Set up a pay cycle for simple instructions.

Once you’re in the Pay cycles category:

  1. Click Next In the Details section, (this section contains the data from setup) 

    Note: The frequency and dates defined in this step must match those in Xero.

  2. In the Target Payroll System section:
    • Click on the Payroll Systems dropdown and select your payroll system
    • Click on the Tenant ID dropdown and select your tenant (this will be the organization that your pay cycle is assigned to in Xero AU)
  3. In the section titled What Data Syncs, check the Time off checkbox.

    Note - Make sure to check additional boxes if you wish to sync relevant data such as new hires, changes and terminations to Xero.

  4. Click Next.


  5. In the Data Sync Section, you will notice an information table called Payroll Fields with pre-checked boxes that are grayed out. This is a summary of your data; no need to edit anything here (phew!) you can scroll down to the next area.


  6. In the Time Off Data Area, you will be able to map each bob Time off policy with the corresponding Xero policy, e.g., “Military service” is mapped to “long service leave.” For each policy you use in bob, map the related policy in Xero.
  7. Click Done.



Step 2: Sync your Time Off data to Xero Australia with Payroll Hub 

In order to sync data across the 2 systems: 

Head over to the Payroll Hub category:

  1. From the left menu, select Payroll.
  2. Select the desired Pay cycle e.g. XERO AUSTRALIA.
  3. Select the Time Off report from the dropdown menu. 



    Once you’re in Payroll Hub, you will see a table containing all employees that have requested leave within the current cycle, as well as their details. Here is a quick breakdown of each field:

    • Status: if the status reads pending, then the employee’s Time Off has not been synced to Xero AU yet, once sync occurs the status will change to Complete.
    • From Date: Leave start date.
    • To Date: Leave end date.
    • Time taken: Total number of units (days/hours) taken.
    • Unit: days/hours according to the related policy type.
    • Requested on: The date leave request was submitted.
    • Approved by: if there is more than one approver e.g. direct manager and department head, then only the second level approver will appear.
    • Description: The reason Time off was requested. 


  4. Choose the employees whose Time off data you would like to sync from bob to Xero. You can do this by checking the box next to each name.


  5. Click the sync button on the right side of the page. If your sync was successful, the Pending statuses will transform into Completed statuses.


It’s official, you have successfully mapped out your Time off policies between Bob and Xero AU! You can now head on over to the Xero AU platform to see all your updates.