Adding a New category in Your voice and assigning representatives and category owners


Setting up a new category in Your voice and assigning people to this category is very simple, in fact it can all be done on the same page. By assigning people during the setup, you are creating an automated system that will inform (the people you choose) each time a case is reported under that specific category. 

Follow the steps below to quickly set up a new category and assign the desired people to these categories: 

  1. Head over to Your voice category page:
  • Settings tab
  • Your voice category
  • On the Your voice page, under the Categories column, you will see a table with various rows; each row representing a different type of case
  • Click on the +Add New button 




  1. On the New category page
  • Fill in the name of the new category under Category name 
  • In the Representatives section, select the individuals that will be assigned to the case.
    Note - The people you choose here will make up the list of representatives  that the anonymous user may choose, when filling out a report.

Tip: You can set the same representative to more than one category

  • In the Category owners section select the individuals that will be assigned to the case. The category owners will be informed about any case in the category. They can reply or reassign the case.
  • Click Save

Need more help? If you’re unsure about anything please submit a ticket and our Customer Experience team will be happy to assist.