Part 2: Automate your company flows, tasks and documents

Welcome to Part 2 of the two-part Bob implementation process article (see Part 1 before starting Part 2). Completing this article will include customizing and automating key HR processes, ensuring you make the most of the platform while saving precious time. Once you're done, you’ll be ready to invite your employees to Bob and officially launch!  

To get started, use the Implementation Project Plan alongside your implementation of Bob, created by HiBob's Customer Experience Team to ensure every step is taken care of.

Note: Make sure you register for our weekly implementation live training sessions, sent to you via email.

Step 4: Automating HR processes

* Indicates mandatory tasks, required to implement Bob.

  1. Set up new hire flows*:
    This is used to create a new employee profile in Bob, adding all the necessary information for pre-boarding and onboarding processes.
  2. Set up employee onboarding flows*:
    This part will be the first time a new hire will interact with Bob, in which you will welcome them to your organization and ensure that the data in their employee profile is correct.

    Tip: Create as many onboarding flows as needed, also making sure that you create an additional one for existing employees for when you invite them to use Bob the first time. 

  3. Create Task Lists*:
    This is Bob’s task and workflow automation feature. Use this for breaking down each task needed for a smooth process, such as employee onboarding, offboarding, promoting, etc., from sending out meeting invites to completing required tasks. You can even use this to ensure managers remember to wish their employees happy birthday.

Step 5: Managing documents

Note: eSign documents can only be included in the New Hire flow at this time.

  1. Custom Employee and company Docs folders.
  2. How to import documents in bulk.
  3. Getting started with eSign to streamline documentation that require signature. 

Step 6: Setting up permissions and managing Bob features

Note: To protect your data and data visibility, it's important to thoroughly review and define roles and permissions prior to launch. After defining the permissions, click your avatar in the top right of the page and select Login as to double check how different people will experience Bob in their account according to their permission settings. 

Step 7: Connecting integrated tools

Connect integrated tools: Take your company culture to the next level by integrating it into the Bob ecosystem.

Setting up reports - Assess and report on your HR programs. e.g., Time Off, employee changes, payroll etc.

Additional modules: If your Bob package includes additional modules, please follow the setup articles below:

Kudos to you for finishing part 2!

Now that you’re all set up it’s time for the fun part … inviting your team to Bob!