Manually trigger a Task list on demand

Learn how to choose the date to trigger your task list/s.

Task lists save time by enabling bulk actions to groups of employees at specific times. Each task list can be set to a particular time/ timezone, with the option of automated scheduling according to a particular anchor event (e.g. work anniversary,Time Off policy, etc.) while other task lists may be set to be manually activated, e.g. a promotion or leave task list. 

How to automate a Task list

To automate a task list, configure the scheduling in the Details step according to the instructions here or include it when setting up a flow (e.g. leave flow). 

How to manually trigger a Task list

Whether a task list is automated or not, it can be manually triggered in 3 ways:

  • Trigger a task list via a Flow, see Trigger a Task list from a Flow.
  • Trigger a task list via the Directory
  • Trigger the task list via an Employee's profile

To manually trigger a task list via a person’s employee profile or for one or more people using Bob’s People Directory:

  1. For a specific person, use their Employee profile:
    - Search for the person’s name in the top right search bar, click on it. 
    - Click the Actions button on the top right of their employee profile.
  2. For one or more people, use the People Directory:
    - Click on People in the main menu.
    - Select Directory.
    - Tick the boxes to the left of the people whom you wish to apply the task list.

    Note: use the quick filters at the top of the directory to filter people by site, department, lifecycle status, etc.

  3. Select Trigger task list

    Note: Each task will be triggered according to its individual triggering settings within the selected task list, i.e. some tasks may be sent immediately while others will be sent in the future.

  4. Select a task list via the Task list dropdown by scrolling down or searching for it

  5. Select the anchor date the task list will be triggered using one of three options:


    • Now: click on this to set the anchor date for today 
    • Future date: click on the date field to pick a calendar anchor date using the calendar picker, e.g. January 1, 2022
    • Anchor event: click on the dropdown to select an anchor event, e.g. start date
      Click Apply to confirm. The selected task list will be sent according to the selected trigger timing. 

Important notes: 

  • If the triggered task list includes conditions it will only apply to the people who meet all of the conditions 
  • Manually triggering a task list that has automated scheduling means that the tasks will be sent twice: once according to the automation and again according to the selected trigger date upon manual triggering
  • Some tasks within a task list may be set before the selected trigger date occurs. In such cases, they will be sent immediately.  Examples:
    • A task list triggered “Now” that has a task set for 2 days before the trigger date means that task will be sent immediately 
    • A task list triggered on a selected future date, e.g. January 1, that has a task set for 2 days before the trigger date means that the task will be sent on December 30. If it’s past December 30, the task will be sent immediately 
    • A task list triggered based on a selected anchor event, e.g. start date, that has a task set for 2 days before the trigger date means that task will be sent 2 days before the given employee’s start date. If a task list is triggered for multiple employees then the tasks will be relative to their respective start date, and if it’s past their start date, the task will be sent immediately