Syncing Bob with Google Workspace's Organization Units

Automatically create users for people in your org in the correct to Organization Unit assignment in Google Workspace when they are created in Bob by syncing the two systems.

How to add domain-wide delegation permissions

  1. In your Google Workspace admin account go to Google Admin Console > Security > API Controls and click Manage Domain Wide Delegation

  2. Click Add New or Edit the existing domain-wide delegation that was defined for Google Workspace provisioning integration

  3. Under Client ID place the Client ID that was used in the Google Workspace provisioning integration

  4. In the 0auth scopes field, enter the following value:

  5. Click Authorize

How to set the organizational hierarchy in Bob

  1. Ensure that the two systems have the exact same organizational structure and naming.

    If you'd like to keep the organization unit hierarchy set up in Google Workspace, configure the hierarchy list in Bob according to the exact Organizational Unit structure in Google Workspace including the root level and assign the employees to their correct hierarchy level.

    Note: To add a hierarchy list in Bob, please review the Grouped fields and configuring an Org Structure guide. 

  2. Create a custom field containing the hierarchy list name and map it to Organizational Unit in Google Workspace. To learn more, see Map data to provisioning integrations
    Or send a message to your Account Manager with the hierarchy list name that was created in Bob to enable the feature. 

For example

If in Google Workspace the Organizational Unit structure is as follows:



Then you should create a hierarchy list that matches it in Bob.

Note: The hierarchy structure and names must be exactly the same across the two systems.