Everything you need to know about Payroll Hub in bob

Take the pain out of payroll with bob’s Payroll Hub. Get payroll done quickly and confidently so you can walk away from every cycle worry-free by viewing and managing all of your payroll cycles in a single dashboard, streamlining payroll operations and data across systems and sites. Need to review past ones? bob's got you with downloadable payroll cycle reports accessible right in the Hub.


So go ahead, save precious time and avoid costly mistakes with a constant stream of up-to-date data from the most reliable source—your employees.



Before you begin

Syncing payroll data across systems requires thinking ahead about how you’d like to have your pay cycles and integrations set up. For this reason, we’ve prepared a general checklist you can use with your payroll and/or IT colleagues before initiating the integration and setup process:

  1. How many pay cycles do you have?

  2. Who in your org will be the pay cycle’s owner(s)? What is your pay cycle's frequency?

  3. When would you like to review the information before the cycle closes indefinitely?

  4. How many days after your cycle’s end date is your cycle’s pay day?

  5. Do your pay cycles run simultaneously?

  6. What is the length of each pay cycle?

  7. When does each cycle start and end?

  8. What payroll systems (from software to methods like bureaus) do you plan to use for each pay cycle you have?

  9. For each payroll system, check:

    1. What fields and values you have set up in bob

    2. How the fields and values in bob correspond to the payroll system(s)

    3. Choose which fields you would like bob to update in the payroll system(s)

Note: each payroll system may have different field and value mapping, and you may need to derive data from the payroll system as part of the integration, all of which is covered in the specific integration’s help article.


How to use the Payroll Hub

Create one or more pay cycles as needed which will generate a streamlined payroll dashboard(s) in Payroll Hub that will proactively provide alerts for you to spot and resolve issues before they occur, and quickly scan and validate data pre-sync.

When you say “go,” Payroll Hub seamlessly maps, transforms, and syncs to your payroll system, saving hours of your time every pay cycle.


How to set up a payroll system integration with bob

bob’s Payroll Hub improves your payroll data accuracy and processing efficiency by providing a constant stream of up-to-date data with seamless transfer into the vast majority of payroll systems. Use the following help articles to get started with your integration setup:


How to map data between a payroll integration and bob

Review the following articles to learn how the data mapping works between each payroll system integration and bob. For integrations created by the partner, e.g. PayFit and Pento, go to the help articles,


Need more help? If you’re unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.