Getting started with the People Directory

Learn how to navigate and configure the People Directory, a hub for all your employee data. 


Get the most out of Bob

  • The People Directory contains the details of all the employees in your company from functional information like ID numbers (National Insurance, Social Security, Tax accounts) to salary information, to more recreational data like hobbies and food preference.
  • Each time you add, edit and delete data  from employee profiles, the changes will be reflected in the People Directory.
  • Quickly sort your employees by team, site, status or many other identifiers using filters and View by fields.

    Note: The changes you make in the People Directory and the view that you see will remain after you exit this page and revisit once again. This only affects your view so you can reconfigure the filters to see a different view.

How to configure the People Directory 

  1. From the left menu, select People > People Directory.
  2. Click the column picker, located on the top right of the table to add categories. Scroll or search for the desired employee fields and click on one or more fields to add. Your categories will be added to a list; Click Apply to save changes.
  3. To remove employee data, use one of two methods: 
    • Click the Column picker, hover over the employee fields that you’d like to delete and click the X to delete; Click Apply to save changes.
    • In the table, hover over the title of the column of the employee field you wish to delete. Click the X.
  4. Change the order of the columns by dragging the title of any column to the position you'd you’d like it to be in the Directory.
  5. Sort the directory order alphabetically or numerically. Click on the column title to switch between an A-Z and Z-A alphabetical list and to switch between a smallest-largest and largest to smallest numerical ordering.

    Note: This action will affect the entire table.

  6. Use the quick filters above the table to view specific employee data, simply select your conditions from the dropdowns.
  7. Click the Advanced option above the table and use Custom filters to view people by a set of conditions
  8. To add a new condition, click Advanced > + Add condition and select the desired values in each of the dropdowns from left to right. Repeat to add more conditions and click Apply to update changes.
  9. Click on the disk icon to Save your Directory view as a report. This option is dependent on permissions.
  10. Click the arrow to download the Directory report as a csv or xlxs file.
  11. Click on New hire to add a new employee to the system; choose a template from the dropdown and click Start.

How to use bulk actions in the People Directory

Need to trigger a task list for a specific group of employees? Or make sure everyone reads the company’s new HR policy? The bulk actions feature can be used to set employee actions into motion.


  1. Select the employees that you'd like to include in the bulk action by checking the box near their name. You can find employees by scrolling or using the search bar. The selected rows will be highlighted.
  2. Click the Actions button and choose from a dropdown of options; Each option is broken down into more specific choices:
    • Documents
    • Trigger task list
    • Request feedback
    • Work changes
    • Access to Bob
    • Change Status
    • Employee updates
  3. Follow the specific directions per option and click Save or Apply to trigger the bulk action.

Congratulations! Now you know how to navigate and configure the People Directory.