Club view serves as a visual for shared personal interests.


Get the most out of Bob

The more we understand one another, the more likely we are to forge strong work relationships, which makes us more likely to help and collaborate. With this tool, you can: 

  • Welcome new employees. When a new hire receives their email invitation to access Bob, one of the first things they see is a Clubs-based breakdown of the company, showing which categories belong to which co-workers.  
  • Choose the right benefits. Identify employee needs/desires and select benefits that align with those needs/desires. For example, if you know that 60% of your workers like cycling, a cycle Benefits plan can be created and the managers can choose cycling for a team activity day.

How to use Club view

Quickly sort colleagues by department, hobbies, tenure or other identifiers using filters. The identifiers are all voluntarily submitted by people so no private information is shared. Sensitive data, such as salary type can only be viewed by Admins.

Note: The changes you make in the Club view will remain after you exit the page. This means that when you revisit the page, you will see the same results. This only affects your view. You can always reconfigure the filters to see a different view.

  1. From the left menu, select People > Club view.
  2. To filter the view, navigate to the above table and click the dropdown under the desired category; e.g., View Lifecycle, Employment, and Team. Each dropdown will contain specific conditions.
  3. Check the box/es next to the desired options in the dropdown, then click outside the box to update. You should see the faces (people) on your page reorganize themselves.
  4. To edit conditions, simply click any dropdown, check/uncheck options and click outside the box to update.
  5.  To start fresh and wipe the settings clean for a specific category, click on the corresponding dropdown and select Refresh.

    Note: When you click reset for one category, it will not effect other filters on the page. e.g., if you set the conditions under View  > NY and Berlin, as well as for Team > Part time, and you decide to edit the offices to include London as well, the filter for Team > Part time will still be in effect, so now you will see results for part-timers in all three offices.

  6. Click the More option in the above table and use Advanced filters to view people by a set of conditions. To add a new condition, click Advanced > + Add condition and select the desired values in each of the dropdowns from left to right. Repeat to add more conditions and click Apply to update changes.

  7. Click the Search bar on the top right to filter by name, role, or more.
  8. Click the + custom button to filter results via category; check the box(es) next to the option/s you'd like to include; the options you select will create additional category/ies that will be added to the row of tabs on the bottom of the page. 

Tip: Did you know that admins can create a unique custom Club view? You can even place it on your own website to show off your culture to the world! Have fun and build your company culture. Enjoy the journey!