Use Org charts (Organization charts) to see a clear breakdown of all the people, roles, and departments in your company.


Org charts allows you to see a graphical representation of all employees, across all departments; as well as who's reporting to whom and where you, yourself fit into your company's hierarchy.

Get the most out of Bob

The default view on the org chart is dependent on the size of your organization, but you can apply various filters to locate a certain individual or use the Find me function to see how you line up. Your view and filters may be different based on your set of permissions.

Employees Admins/Managers
Filter your colleagues and company workers via general fields, such as Color by > Department/site.

How to use the Org Chart

  1. From the left menu, select People > Org Chart.
  2. Filter your view by clicking the empty fields and selecting conditions from the dropdown menus.
  3. Click the Search icon to find a specific employee.
  4. Click the Org icon to view the chart with a specific person as your starting point.
  5. Click the Arrow to export your org chart as a PNG, share the link or embed the HTML.
  6. Click the funnel to change the view, then More to open an advanced set of filters based on permissions given during setup.
  7. Click the Find Me icon (your image in a location symbol) to find your position in the org chart.

    Note: If you've set up a hiring plan, then you can see all the upcoming hires in your org chart. This serves as a great way to visualize how your organization will develop over the coming months.

Congratulations, now you know how to use Org charts to visually view and filter all the people, roles, and departments in your company.