Integrating Bob with Slack enables employees to receive notifications from Bob and take actions such as making time off requests directly from within Slack.

Get the most out of Bob

Bob’s Slack integration can be a game changer for both employees and managers alike, saving them significant time and effort while keeping everyone in the loop. 

You can set up the following to appear in Slack:

  • Bob's Slack bot - allows employees to receive personal notifications for events such as when a time off request has been approved, and also use commands to take actions such as clocking in.
  • Company notifications - a list sent to a specified Slack channel, including info such as which employees are off work or who has a birthday or work anniversary that day.
  • The Bob Slack app - where employees can click buttons to take actions such as submitting a time off request.

How to set up a Bob Slack bot

Adding a Bob Bot to your company’s Slack allows employees to use shortcut comamands to take actions such as clocking in or out and receive notifications for events such as if time off is approved or they have new tasks assigned to them.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. From the Collaboration category, select Slack.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Click Connect to slack.
  5. You will be redirected to the Slack website.
  6. In Slack, click Authorize

Note: This action must be completed by your Slack admin. If you are not the Slack admin click Not the Slack admin to open the Not a Slack admin popup. There, you can select an employee who is a Slack admin who will complete the integration process. The selected employee will then be sent an email with a link they need to click on to connect the integration.

Bob shortcut commands in Slack

Once the Bob Bot is set up, employees can send the following commands, depending on what modules you have set up.

/bob - See all available commands.

Time and attendance commands 

(available if you have the Time and Attendance module)

/bob ooo @<user> - See <user>'s planned Time Off

/bob in or /bob clockin or /bob clock in - Clock in

/bob out or /bob clockout or /bob clock out - Clock out

Other commands

/bob ooo or /bob whosout - Check who's out of office today (if it has been set up).

/bob birthdays - Check whether anyone is having a birthday today (if you have permissions to view people’s birthdays).

/bob anniversaries - Check whether anyone is having a work anniversary today (if you have permissions to view people’s anniversary).

How to set up company notifications in Slack

Before you begin

A dedicated channel needs to be created in Slack for employees to receive company notifications.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. From the Collaboration category, select Slack.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Click +Setup new integration.
    The Create a new channel integration popup opens.
  5. In Daily Notifications, set up how you would like to send a Bob daily digest notification to a dedicated Bob Slack channel once every day. 
    • Select what will be included in the notification: Work anniversaries and/or Birthdays and/or Who’s out today.
    • Select the:
      • Time of notification - what time the notification will be sent each day. 
      • Timezone - where this time will apply.
      • Date format to be used within the notification.
  6. In Event notifications, set up which ad-hoc events you would like to be sent as notifications - either in the main Bob channel or in a separate Slack channel for admins only.
    Choose any of the following:
    • Employee profile created.
    • Status change (active/inactive).
    • New hires.
    • Employee has left the company.
    • Employee is now on leave.
    • Deactivated - the employee has had his Bob profile deactivated.
    • New Shoutout.
  7. In Audience, select which site employees need to be working in to receive the slack notifications.

    Tip: This is especially useful if you have multiple sites as it allows you to create different channels for each site, e.g. a New York site daily updates channel and a Tel Aviv site daily channel.

  8. Click Save.
    You will be redirected to the Slack website.
  9. In Where should bob post, select the channel that the notifications will be sent to.
  10. Click Allow.

The Bob Slack App

After integrating with Slack you can add the Bob app from the Slack marketplace.

Once the app is added, employees can use the buttons in the Home tab to:

  • Clock in and out.
  • See which team members are clocked in.
  • Submit a time off request.
  • Approve or decline time off requests (if you are a manager).
  • Access a link to your list of tasks.

And in the Messages tab, see:

  • Time off request-related updates.
  • Task-related updates.


Who can set up the Slack integration?

Only Bob admins or employees such who have been granted Integrations > Collaboration permissions can set up the Slack integration. To learn more about giving permissions to individual groups of employees, see Create a custom permission group.