Integrating Greenhouse with Bob allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Greenhouse and add them to Bob.

Integration Details


How it works

Integration type

One-way via API

Direction of data flow

Partner app to Bob

Sync frequency

The candidate will be pushed to Bob when they are marked as Hired in Greenhouse

Data Mapping

Bob field

GreenHouse Field


Candidate's Email

First name

Candidate First name

Last name

Candidate Surname

Start date

Offer Start Date

Job title

Job Name


The Job Office


Job Department

Personal phone

Home Phone

Personal mobile

Mobile Phone

Employment contract

Offer Employment Type

  • Custom fields from Greenhouse’s Application, Candidate, Job, and Offer sections will be automatically mapped if they have the same name as Bob fields.
  • Documents: Candidate attachments will be pulled from Greenhouse and stored in the employee's confidential docs.
  • Long-text fields from Greenhouse are not supported.

Before you begin

Make sure that any Bob fields mapped to Greenhouse fields are included in the new hire flow setup.

How to set up Greenhouse integration in Bob

Step 1: In Bob

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Recruitment.
  3. In the Greenhouse tile, click Connect.
  4. Click Create key and webhook
  5. Copy the generated URL and Secret key to place in Greenhouse.

Step 2: In Greenhouse

  1. Click the Settings icon > Dev Center > Web Hooks.
  2. Create a new web hook and name it 'Bob integration'.
  3. Under the When section, select Candidate has been hired.
  4. Under Export to, place the endpoint URL from Bob and Secret key.
  5. Under Error recipient email, enter your email address.
  6. Click Create Web hook.

Note: To configure notifications in Bob, please see ATS Notifications.