The Bob integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Workable and add them to Bob.

Data mapping

Bob field

Workable field


Profile Email

First name

Profile First name


Profile Last name


Job title


Job department

Personal Phone

Profile Phone


Social Profiles


Social Profiles


Social Profiles


Job Employment Type

  • Any data from Workable's Job section and Candidate Profile section can be mapped to Bob.
  • Data from Workable's Offer section cannot be mapped to Bob.
  • The employee's resume is imported.

Tip: If you want to include additional fields, add them to your customized Bob fields with the same field name used in Workable.

Before you begin

Make sure that any Bob fields mapped to Workable fields are included in the new hire flow setup.

How to set up the Workable integration

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations > Recruitment integration > Connect Workable. You'll be redirected to Workable.

  2. Sign in and you'll be redirected back to Bob.

  3. You'll now be connected, but you still need to paste your Workable domain into Bob and click Save e.g.

    Once a new hire is uploaded to Workable, you will receive an email and in-app notification from Bob.

    Note: You can also select additional users to receive these notifications in Settings > Integrations > Recruitment integration, once the integration has been set up. 


    This is what the email notification will look like: 


  4. Click the Complete the hiring process link.
    The Directory screen will open in Bob.
  5. Click + New hire.
    The Add a new hire to bob popup will open.
  6. Click Start.
    The New Hire wizard will launch pre-populated with the data taken from Workable (see Data mapping above).
  7. Fill in the new hire's data and complete the hiring process. See Add new hire for full details.