Import can also be used to import requests for multiple people at any time. This is the final step in setting up your Time Off. For example, if you want to pre-book the Christmas leave period for your team. 

The easiest way to get started with Time Off is to import this year's requests only. If you want to import your requests, include them on the import sheet as far back as you have records.

How to access the pre-formatted spreadsheet

  1. From the left menu, select Time > Import.
  2. Click Update Requests.
  3. Click Download Template.
  4. Once you have a copy of the sheet, you are ready to import time off data.

How to update requests

This is used to import requests for each policy and cycle. 

Note: You can upload only 500 records at a time. Please prepare your data files accordingly to allow for a smooth import process.

  1. Once you have populated the import sheet, click Update Requests, drag and drop your file, and select the correct sheet. Remember to match your emails.
  2. On the next screen, ensure your columns match the corresponding fields. Click Import.
  3. Download the report to troubleshoot errors, if any.

Updating requests manually

This launches a tool you can use to make requests for specific people. It's great to use when you're making changes for a handful of people only.

Our Customer Success team is on-hand to help with your system configuration. 

Note: If you have set up policies, assigned them to the relevant people, imported carry over (when applicable), and imported past and future requests... congratulations! You have finished implementing time off.