Learn how to add a Benefits plan to your company account. 


Before you begin

Make sure the Benefits tab is toggled on, or you won't be able to access the Benefits feature.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Manage features. 
  2. Toggle on the button in Benefits row.

How to create your own Benefit

It's time to add the numerous benefits your company has to offer:

  1. From the left menu, select Benefits > Manage benefits. 
  2. Click Upload your Benefits.
  3. Select a pre-made Bob template or build your own Benefit by clicking the empty field and choosing from the dropdown e.g., Insurance.

How to complete Benefit details


It's time to fill in all the details of your Benefit:

  1. Type in the Benefit name.
  2. Add a brief Product description about it – this is what the employee will see when they have been made eligible or enrolled in the benefit. 
  3. Choose a Provider from the dropdown (pre-set).
  4. Select a Renewal date from the calendar.
  5. Select a Currency from the dropdown.
  6. Chose a Main contact: the designated contact will receive all notification emails from employees who are eligible and have expressed interest in enrollment.
  7. Type in or select Fee: cost of benefit
  8. Type in or select Total cost: cost that entails the entire benefit
  9. Toggle yes/no depending on whether the benefit cost is Taxable 
  10. Upload an image to represent your benefit (this will replace the benefit name in the thumbnail).
  11. Click Plan type and add the type of plan.
  12. Add a Plan Description
  13. Type in Repayment Period in months.
  14. Click Done. Your Benefit is all set up!
  15. You will be prompted to import costs. You can do so on the spot or to continue at a later time. 



How do I  add multiple plans to one Benefit?

If your benefit has multiple plans associated with it, you will be able to accommodate for this with the Add another plan button. Simply fill in the additional plan details and click Done!


How do I add employees to a plan?

To add employees to a plan click the Add Employees button when setting up the benefit. If you have multiple plans per Benefit, you will be able to select which individual plan each employee will be eligible for or enrolled into. Once you've chosen the plan, you will be prompted to upload a spreadsheet that contains employee identifiers and a few other key data fields. Once uploaded the data will be synced and updated!

In addition you can always add, remove or change the status of an employee on the Manage employees page:

  1. From the left menu, select Benefits > Manage employees. 
  2. Check the box/es next to the employee/s whom you'd like to add, remove or change status from the plan.
  3. Click the Actions button > Change benefit status.
  4. Click the Status field and select Eligible, Not Eligible, Enrolled or Waived from the dropdown.
  5. Click the Start date field and select the date the change goes into effect from the dropdown calendar.
  6. Select Submit.



How do I edit a benefit?

On the Manage Benefits page, click View summary on the plan you'd like to update. On the Summary page, click Edit benefits. Make all the updates you'd like and then click Done.



Congratulations, now you know how to add a Benefits plan to your company account!