Open surveys, change the survey settings, view the survey results, and more in Company surveys. View the time remaining, how many people have completed the survey, and when the next reminder is due in a single location.

Note: You should first create a survey before you can manage it. To learn more, see Set up a survey.

How to open and close a company survey

These are several options for managing a survey.

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Surveys > Company surveys.
  2. From the Actions dropdown menu of the draft survey you’d like to manage, select Launch survey, then click Launch survey.
    The survey is now running for the relevant survey participants. This function is only available for surveys with a Draft status that haven’t previously been launched.
  3. From the Actions dropdown menu:
    • Select Reopen to allow people who have not yet completed the survey to continue answering a finished survey. Enter a new end date, then click Reopen.
      The survey is now running for the relevant survey participants. This function is only available for surveys with a Done status previously published and completed.

      Note: People who previously responded to and submitted the survey cannot change or adjust their survey responses when a survey is reopened.

    • Select Stop survey to discontinue data collection from participants for an active survey, then click Stop survey.
      The survey is now stopped for the relevant survey participants, and you can see the results submitted thus far. This function is only available for surveys with a Running status that was previously published and actively collecting responses.
    • Select Resume survey to begin a stopped survey again. Enter the number of days left until the end of the survey period, then click Resume survey.
      The survey is now running for the relevant survey participants. This function is only available for surveys with a Stopped status that was previously published and stopped.

How to view survey results

You can view your survey results in real-time after at least 3 responses have been submitted and depending on the survey’s threshold settings. Alternatively, you can wait until the survey has finished.

  1. Click the results icon to the right of the Actions dropdown menu to view results.

    Tip: Segment results by specific conditions such as Site, Department, and Tenure for a more in-depth, focused analysis of how results might defer between populations within your organization. From the Grouped by dropdown menu, select the condition you’d like to use to focus the analysis. Segmented results will appear in the results.

  2. From the Participants tab, view the ratio between the intended audience and the actual completion rate.
  3. From the Strengths and weaknesses tab, view a summary showing the total survey score, where your organization is most robust in Strengths, and flagged areas for improvement with Take note and Weaknesses indicators.
  4. From the Questions and answers tab, evaluate responses on a question-by-question basis. Use the text analyzer for free-text questions and answers to analyze responses by topic. To learn more, see Analyze free-text survey responses.

    Tip: Use the dropdown menu to select a specific question to jump to and analyze.

  5. From the Correlations tab, analyze the statistical measure for the degree to which the score on one item predicts an impact on another item. Once you've run a couple of surveys, you'll be able to see if there are any correlations between them, such as the relationship between the onboarding process and employee engagement.

How to export survey data

When downloading survey data, the balance between selecting fields of your choice while maintaining the anonymity of your survey participants is important. If the fields you selected may expose the identity of participants, you will be notified that the fields will be marked as Other unless you change the selection of your fields to maintain anonymity.

Note: Use best practices with the data you are collecting and storing to further maintain the anonymity and privacy of your participants. When grouping by fields, it is important to balance the need for specific information to achieve your analysis goals with the need to protect the identity of your survey participants.

  1. Click the download icon to export raw survey data.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the relevant employee fields for your report, then click Apply.
  3. Click Export.
    The export wizard will check if there are any values that could contain identifying information and should be grouped within Other. You will be notified with the number of values that couldn't be displayed.
  4. Click Change fields to change the employee fields, or click Export.
    A .xlsx file will download.

    Note: If the survey was set up with the Allow to add a comment option, comments will be listed in a column titled the survey question, followed by " - Comment" when the survey results are downloaded. This is the only time the comments will be visible.


How do I edit a draft survey?
From the Actions dropdown menu of the draft survey you’d like to manage, select Back to setup to continue setting up your survey. This includes the survey name, results anonymity, and who to survey. Select Edit survey to continue editing the question items of your survey. To learn more, see Set up a survey.

Why can’t I edit a running, stopped, or completed survey?
The Edit survey option is also within the Actions dropdown menu for other surveys, but you can only edit draft surveys you have not yet published.
To edit a survey that has already been launched, you need to duplicate the survey, then launch the duplicated survey. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Duplicate survey. Enter a name for the survey, then click Duplicate and set it up.

What actions can I perform once a survey is running?
You can add or remove both participants and reminders. From the Actions dropdown menu of the running survey you’d like to manage, select +/- participants to change the participants while the survey is in progress. Enter participants you would like to add and participants you’d like to remove from the survey, then click Save.
Select Reminders to add or remove reminders sent to participants. Enter the date of the reminder, then click Add. Hover over the reminder date you’d like to delete, then click the trash icon. Click Close when you’re finished.

How can I monitor a survey?
You can change the survey manager, view the survey duration and details, and preview the survey. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Change survey mgr., select the person who will manage the survey, then click Save. The survey manager must have permission to manage surveys. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.
Select Duration and details, click the pencil icon, then enter the name. Click Save once finished editing the title and viewing the summary. This is not available for draft surveys because they haven’t been launched yet and don’t have duration information or collection details.
Select Preview to view how employees will see the form in another window.

How do I delete a survey and its results?
From the Actions dropdown menu, select Delete survey to delete the setup and results, then click Delete survey.

How do I share survey results?
From the Actions dropdown menu, select Share survey to send email invitations to view the survey results.