Bob allows you to access and download your core data at any time.  This includes employee data, time off, time and attendance (when applicable), documents, and your employee performance.

Follow these instructions to create a password-protected data download of the aforementioned.

Employee Data


Access the employee data via the reports section, where you can build and schedule a report that contains all the relevant data you’re interested in. You'll receive the scheduled report via a CSV or Excel file directly to your email, according to the frequency of your choice. Additionally, any scheduled report can be encrypted by adding a personal password. The scheduled report can be sent either by email, or with an SFTP protocol for secure file transfer.


So, how do you setup your data download? Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Reports tab

  • Build a report with all of the relevant data that you would like  to download

  • Click Scheduling menu

  • Add a new schedule, and provide a descriptive name in the Scheduling title field

  • Choose the recipients that will receive the downloaded report

  • Select the desired report in the Choose reports field

  • Choose your desired Export format: CSV or Excel

  • Add a password to protect the file (optional)

  • Click Save

  • You can always come back to edit the scheduled reports if needed  by selecting Edit schedule in the Reports tab

Time off data


In the same manner, you can access all time-off related data like time-off requests and time-off balances. You can download either as separate reports or merge them to one file with multiple sheets.


Time & Attendance Data:


If you capture your employee time and attendance data, you can download that information via the Time & Attendance reports. Select the report name you want to download: ‘Time-Off Days taken’, ‘Time-Off Balance summary report’ and ‘Time-Off Requests summary report’. 




Documents from the Docs module can be downloaded using the bob-api.
Additional info can be found here.

Performance Records


When a performance cycle is completed, the entire review records can be downloaded by clicking Actions and Download Cycle Report. 

We recommend downloading all of the reviews at the completion of each cycle.