Create a password-protected data download to back up people data or simply use it for in-depth analyses.

FYI: This feature is available only for customers using the Analytics module.

Build and schedule a report that contains relevant people data. Receive an encrypted, password-protected scheduled report via an Excel file directly to your email or with an SFTP protocol for secure file transfer as often as you choose.

To learn more about creating and managing other reports, see Create a report and Manage a report.

How to download a people data backup report


Tip: Schedule the people data backup report to receive the downloadable report regularly. To learn more, see Set up a scheduled report.

  1. From the left menu, select Analytics > Reports.
  2. Click + Add new.
  3. Select Report > Use a template.
  4. From the Employee data section, select General report.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Use the column picker to select relevant fields for the backup, such as Work and Lifecycle, then click Apply.
  7. Click the download icon above the table.
  8. Select the XLSX or CSV file format to download.

    Tip: Download your backup as an XLSX file to password-protect the file.

To learn how to import people data, see Import people data.