Table data refers to historical information in the tables of the employee profile.

Tables allow you to import historical data or multiple entry data and include: Work, Address, Children, Right to Work, Employment, Salary, Variable Pay, Deductions, Entitlements, Equity, and Training sections.

Use this import to overwrite existing data by matching the effective dates.

Before you begin

We recommend downloading and using the employee data template to import your people data. From the left menu, select People > Import. From the Import table data dropdown menu, select the type of table you want to import. Click Import Table. Click the download icon at the bottom of the page to download the template.

How to import table data


  1. From the left menu, select People > Import.
  2. In the Import Table section, select the table you want to import from the dropdown menu. Decide if you're importing people data (Work, Address, Children, Right to Work, Training) or payroll data (Employment, Salary, Variable Pay, Equity, Deductions, Entitlements). You can access and download templates for all.

    Tip: Click View import history to add a new file with the import file uploader or select a previously uploaded file. Here, you can also have people data reviewed by someone before you upload and see who used the Login As feature to upload or import a file.

  3. Populate your template after reading the Please Read tab of the spreadsheet.
  4. Once you have your data on the template you can upload it. Select the table name, click Import Table, and follow the prompts including selecting the specific tab for the data you'd like to import.

    Note: You must have the employees' email addresses for this to work!

  5. Once you've uploaded your sheet, any anomalies, and values which need might need to be manually sorted will automatically be flagged. Sort the data by dragging the data points into the correct table fields.
  6. Click Import, and you're done!


What happens if I have errors?

If your import doesn't match, you'll receive errors. The easiest way to fix these errors is to download the error report. This will give you a spreadsheet in the correct format for re-upload, with one line for each error.

In the last column of the data, you will find the error reason. Once you have corrected your data, you can use this same spreadsheet to upload the new information. Use the same button (import or update) that you used initially.

We recommend reading the Please Read tab on the template you have downloaded for tips and suggestions.

How can I delete data in bulk?

You can only delete table data in bulk that has a unique identifier, which is an effective date or grant number. From a table, you can delete data from Work or Address, or payroll data such as Employment, Salary, Variable Pay, Deductions, and Entitlements/Additional earnings because these have effective dates, and Equity because it has a grant number. In your spreadsheet, enter <DELETE> in the data cells you wish to delete, then import your table data. The data in the employee's profile will be empty for the data points you entered <DELETE>.